Just Bring Yourself. No Furniture Required.

Inclusive Living sounds like a lot to unpack, but it’s just the opposite. Inclusive Living means we provide it all and you just bring you. Our apartments are fully furnished right down to the plates and silverware. Plus we add in bi-weekly housekeeping and daily events. All that  while being in the heart of Ink Block, Boston’s coolest residential community with a Whole Foods Market, high-end fitness providers, a boutique hotel, four amazing restaurants and Underground at Ink Block, Boston’s notable urban arts park.

You definitely don’t need a U-Haul to move in to 7INK, more like a good-sized backpack. Our move-in kits provide a lot of the basics (pots, pans, your soon-to-be favorite spatula) and we also offer an upgraded move-in kit for things like bedding, linens, a laundry bag, hangers and more. If you want to save yourself a shopping trip and purchase an upgraded kit, let us know and we'll have it ready for you on moving day. 

Is inclusive living really all-inclusive?

Sounds pretty cool. Say more.

When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. We're checking every box from utilities and furniture to daily events and your TV and streaming service. We even broke it all down for you in this handy chart. Take a look at everything that comes with your apartment at 7INK.

The rental revolution — where everything that matters is already included. We made renting easier and faster, cutting out the hassles of furnishing your space, keeping it tidy and even finding a roommate if that’s your thing. 7INK provides you with an all-inclusive living experience designed to bring more convenience, community and connection to your everyday life.


Inclusive Living means being in the best neighborhood in Boston with Whole Foods Market, award-winning restaurants and boutique fitness at your fingertips. 7INK at Ink Block puts everything within reach.


Inclusive Living means utilities, furnishings, daily events and even housecleaning are included. This is the easiest way to rent in Boston.


Inclusive Living™ means more interesting people to meet and more areas to connect, work and engage. From our rooftop deck to the sunken living room, 7INK was designed to mingle from top to bottom.

Friends sitting on a bench laughing

What sets 7INK apart from the usual rental experience?

We’re an easy button for apartment rental, making moving and living as carefree as possible. We'll even help you find the perfect roommates. Learn more about roommate matching with RoomSync.